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Moving Service: How to Prepare for Your Moving Day

What to Do Before the Moving Crew Arrives  

You can do a few things right away to get ready for your moving service specialists now that your move has been scheduled. We’ve provided you with a relocation checklist so you can keep organized:

Donate and Sell Items

Now is a wonderful opportunity to hold a garage sale or arrange a Goodwill drop if you still need to choose which goods won’t be moving with you. Keep in mind that if it wasn’t included in the inventory the movers took when they provided you with a quotation, adding it later will incur additional costs.

Alert Your Neighbors

Once you’ve decided on a moving date, it’s a good idea to let your neighbors know that you’ve hired a moving company so they can prepare for the arrival of the large moving truck. If you reside in an apartment building, inform the leasing office to secure parking (and, if necessary, elevators) for your moving crew.

Find Out if You Will Need a Moving Permit

A big moving truck may have trouble finding parking if you’re relocating into (or out of) a big city. To find out if you need a moving permit to secure parking, speak to your landlord, property management, or homeowner’s association.

Get To Packing

If you have yet to pay for packing services, you’ll need to ensure that everything is labeled and packed before the moving truck arrives. You’ll have to pay more if you don’t have everything done before they arrive. Note: Even if you paid for packing, you should still ensure that everything is taken out of storage (such as closets or attics) and put on easily-accessible surfaces.

Hire a Sitter

One of the best things you can do to keep your sanity during a move is to prepare for pets and young children. You can now schedule dates for pet boarding or call your nanny after your move day has been set. Your infants will be secure, and you may concentrate on moving.

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